Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sharavathi nature trails

After the Rotikallu trip, we were in a hunt for a place that could beat Rotikallu. Some amount of Google searches helped us fix the spot for our next adventurous trip - Sharavathi Nature Trails !
Saravathi nature trails is a resort run the by Government with an intention to uplift the rural localites. It is funded by governement and managed by the localites. It is situated along the banks of River Sharavathi and located in a forest. If its comfort that you are looking for then Saravathi is not the place for you ! Here you get to experience wildlife. Loud music is banned here, instead you have to enjoy the natures tone. Smoking and drinking is also banned. There are no cottages available, instead you get to stay in tents along the banks of a river in a jungle. Truely, a very wild experience !! And to beat everything - you dont even have electricity here :D !!

*ing :- Abhith, Johnson, Megha, Lekha, Ramya, Manju, Prasad, Sandy, Shyam and Me.

We left from Bangalore on a friday night and reached Saravathi (close to Jog falls) on saturday early morn. The location looked perfect (just that the facilities were a bit disappointing). The idea of camping along a riverside was brilliant. We freshened up, had breakfast and then off we left for some kayaking, cannoeing and swimming with life jackets. To reach the spot we had to do walk through a forest. Once we reached a safe spot where the currents werent dangerous, we could no longer wait to jump into the water with lifejackets on ! Most of us didnt know swimming and yet managed to swim in 150ft deep water without any fear !! We took turns to row the kayak and cannoe. At a distance we could branches of a tree but it wasnt easy to swim so far. So we took turns to row the kayak and the rest of them held on to the kayak and reached the spot without any difficulty. Was an amazing experience. Only let down was that it was quite sunny !! After about 3 hrs of water sports, we returned to our mainland for lunch. We were served only vegetarian food but yet it was tasty (probably coz we were too hungry !! ).

After a heavy lunch, we left to Jog falls and returned to our mainland by about 7pm.  By late evening, campfire was set during which we played our usual game - Dumb charads.

Post dinner, we entered our tents. Few of them were a bit scared coz it was pitch dark (no electricity !) and we were in middle of a jungle !! Though it was cold outside, we were warm and comfortable in our tents. All of us had a sound sleep and woke up fresh and energetic the next day.

Day 2 was scheduled for trekking. Our destination was a waterfal. The trekking path was filled with leeches and this time it was 10 times worse than our Rotikallu experience !! We couldnt afford to stop at a spot to pluck out the leeches coz the moment we stopped, 4-5 leeches would stick on to us. So we kept running through the forest without halting much. Even after all the precautionary measures that we took, all of us were attacked by umpteen leeches !! The trek wasnt a very simple one. There were few spots where the girls struggled a bit buit we managed to reach our destination without much difficulty. The unique experience in this trek was that a cook also came along with us and cooked food for us above the waterfalls. It was an awesome experience sitting on top of a waterfall and lazily munching food !! After spending a couple of hours near the falls, we moved onto the next viewpoint. After about half an hr of trek we reached our next spot which was something unforgettable. The view was beyond thoughts. Some part of it resembled Rotikallu !! We never felt like returning once we sat there admiring mother nature !

Finally it was time to return. We started our return trek to a spot where our TT was parked, bid adieu to our wild life experience and returned to Bangalore. This was the wildest trip I have encountered with minimal luxury and maximum adventure !

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