Thursday, August 12, 2010

When tony met uni ..!!

When in school I kept wondering y pple struggle to change gear and strain themselves to ride a bike..I kept thinking that gearless bikes are the best and hence preferred my mom's kinetic honda :D But its only after reaching engineering final yr that i felt the necessity of a bike and my dad agreed to buy me a bike. I had no clue which to buy but was sure of not buying a pulsar coz it was the most common bike in town ;) I had narrowed down to unicorn or discover and finalized on uni !

SEPT 3rd 2007 : WHEN TONY MET UNI !!


Few days before I bought my uni, abhith bought his pulsar 200 ...and since then we have been trip buddies ..!! Past 3 yrs i have been on my uni to nearly 10 trips which includes nandi hills, balmuri falls, skandagiri, chamundi hills, Devarayana Durga, Ghatisubramanyapura, Maekedaatu, Bheemeshwari, GOA, Melukote ..!!

 Nandi Hills (Sep 2007): My debut bike trip was to Nandi Hills and this was before I crossed 1000kms. I was a bit skeptical coz I had heard that its not good to strain a bike before crossing 1000kms. But I knew my Uni wouldnt mind ;) It was during this trip that I touched 100Km/hr speed for the 1st time and it is after this trip that I developed a craze towards biking. And from then on it was trip after trip !! :)

 Balmuri Falls (Oct 2007): This came in quick succession to the Nandi hills trip. 9 of us and 5 bikes  The falls wasnt that great and we didnt enjoy much but had a nice exp coz this was for the 1st time that I rode my bike 150kms one way :) .                                                                                    

 Skandagiri (March 2008) : 5 guys 4 gals 5 bikes and 4 pillion riders ..! This was the 1st time that I had been for trekking. But more than the trek I was interesting in riding my bike to a place far from the madding crowd :D We went zoomin on the highway ..the highway men kept riding riding riding ..!! :P

Maekedaatu (Sept 2008) : A few days after my Uni's 1st Bday. I had gifted my uni a seat cover and this was the 1st trip after its 1st bday !! this was with abhith and his colony friends. The ride was good and the place was also good so had a nice time. I ges this was the right time to goto Maekedatu coz the climate was good and there was a good crowd too !

Bheemeshwari (Feb 2009) : My maekedaatu trip gang got along and decided to go on another bike trip and this time Bheemeshwari was our destination. White water rafting was our plan but disaster was the outcome :D It was offseason and hence there was no rafting. Nevertheless ride was good and we spent some time in Muthathy which is close to Bheemeshwari.

 Chamundi hills (Feb 2009) : This was a totally unplanned trip. Abhith and SK came home when my parents were out. We planned to go on a night ride to Mysore. I called my mom and gave some bogus reason and off we flew to Mysore :D Night ride was a superb experience coz there was hardly any traffic and the road was all ours ..!! The expressway was so empty that we even parked our bikes at the centre of the road and posed for photos ..!! :D We reached Chamundi hills by bout 3 am, waited for the sunrise and then returned back.

 Ghatisubramanyapura (March 2009) : An unplanned trip with Abhith, SK and Vipin. We met up at Abhiths place and decided to go on a trip to Ghatisubramanyapura. Intention was the ride and not the place ;) I had bought a unicorn jacket few days before the trip and it came handy for the trip :D ..

Chandragiri (May 2009): This was another unplanned trip. Shirshank, banna and me decided to go on a night trek to Skandagiri. Night rides are never disappointing and this night trip was also promising. But we were unaware of the big blunder awaiting us :D…The 3 of us started trekking without a torch. Despite trekking in the dark, shirshank chose to follow the path through the bushes though there was a regular trekking path to reach the hilltop. With great difficulty we reached the hilltop by early morning and then realized that we had lost our way and trekked the hill next to skandagiri :D we named the hill as Banneshwari considering the funny experience we had with Banna there. But later got to know that the hill we trekked is known as Chandragiri ..!!

 Devarayanadurga (July 2008) : My 1st bike trip with my church buddies. Coincidentally for the 3rd time it was 9 of us and 4 bikes but the bikers were different from Skandagiri and Balmuri. A short one day trip was the intention and devarayanadurga was my suggestion. But to our disappointment there was nothing great there. However the route to Devarayanadurga was superb and it was a bikers paradise.

Night rides to CCD's : Few of my unforgettable bike rides were during the night. Abhith SK and me were the bikers !! We used to give our usual bogus reasons at home and speed away to nearby CCD's like Tumkur and Maddur :D...We used to leave home by night and return by early morn. I even went to office straight from Maddur CCD once :D


GOA (June 2010) : This was the best bike trip I’ve been to. It was a lengthy one and equally crazy ! 3 of us gave 3 different reasons at home and off we went to Goa on r bikes :D (Detail description would come up in one of my upcoming blogs). Unforgettable it was! Since 2 months Vj abhith and me kept planning for this trip and the best part is that we planned for Ratnagiri and ended up in Goa :D ..Im sure the 3 of us would cherish this trip lifelong. Cheers to our 6 yrs of friendship :)

Melukote & Tannur (June 2010) : My 1st bike trip with 12th buddies ! RD had bought a pulsar and was desperately waiting to cross 1000kms so that he could go on a bike trip. So 4 of us decided to visit Melukote where the song Barso re from Guru was shot. The ride was as usual good and the place was also fine but we couldn’t spot where the song was shot :D ..Melukote was nothing special but Tannur lake saved the show. It was an isolated lake and we had good fun there. The route was perfect for a bike trip !

The journey continues as long as Tony and Uni are UNIted ;)


  1. Gr8 to hear about your love towards the Uni!! :) Wish I was a part of a few expeditions though..:( Hehe good one boy!

  2. Great blog and plenty of information. Me and my wife are planning to visit Skandagiri Hills on my Kinetic and at times my wife will also ride the scooter. Is the road safe uphill. Did you guys switch off your engines on the way downhill. Let me know your thoughts.