Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Gopalswamy betta

Johnson, Kiran and me met up on a sat night and planned to head towards Krishnagiri McD. Intention was just a long drive to get rid of boredom due to our monotonous IT life ! On the way to Krishnagiri, we made sudden change of plan. Johnson took a U turn and off we left to Gopalswamy betta.

Location and Route : Bangalore - Mysore - Gundulpet - Bandipur

We had dinner at Maddur McD and took our own time to reach Gopalswamy betta coz it was pointless reaching there at midnight. But to our disappointment the gates were closed till 8:30 am and we had reached there by 3. We parked our car at a safe spot (11kms before the Gopalswamy checkpost) and slept in the car till 8 am.

By 8:30 the guards started issuing vehicle passes and we finally reached our destination by about 9:15 wondering if there would be any mist left over by the time we make it till there. But surprisingly the whole place was filled with mist and we were getting drenched in the mist !! We then went around  hunting for some spots to click pics. After clicking few pics at some old ruined house near the temple, we moved on to the grasslands. We were overjoyed at the sight and kept clicking pics at all possible spots. Pics included our regular poses like jumping in the air and standing on elevated spots :P !! Finally we decided to click a pic of the 3 of us running. We put the self timer ON, took positions and started running towards the cam. My cam decided its high time that it punishes me for giving it a work overload. And hence it fell down and stopped working :P ... We then spent some time walking along the grasslands and returned to the parking lot by about 11 coz we had to reach home early. On our way back we even saw some sunflower fields which looked beautiful. 

Plus points of Gopalswamy - MIST ! Its an eco friendly place free from any sort of pollution (drinking and smoking is prohibited here)
Minus points - Food is not available and there are no shops or stalls !! 

Best time to visit - Aug to Jan                                                                                           

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