Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Rottikallu was in my wish list from the time I heard that its even better than Ghatikallu. Ghati itself was too good so I was eager to visit Rottikallu. Another reason why I always wanted to visit Rottikallu is that its situated in Sakhleshpur which is very popular for its scenic beauty ! We kept planning for this trip since long and finally decided to go there on Aug 27th. (U need to book 1 month in advance to get a slot so in case you plan to visit this place, contact them 1 month in advance to book a slot !! )

*ing :- Johnson, Jacob, Kiran, Nitesh, Ashuthosh, Rakri, Vikku, Mani, Shyam and me.

We booked a TT and decided to leave early morn on sat since the check in time was sat afternoon. Since it was a mixed group, travel time was the icebreaker session for us. By the time we reached our destination we got along well and the group was all set to rock !

What amused us the most was the location and ambience. It is something that cant be expressed in words. You have to be there to feel it. Its truely heaven on earth. The cottages were beautiful and placed in grasslands covered with mist.

We started of with the adventurous activities that was part of the package.

Tarzan swing : Most of us would have seen this in movies and wished that we could do this too. For those of you who have no clue what a tarzan swing is - There is a rope tied to the branch of a tree and a wooden log at the bottom of the rope. You have to sit on it and go swinging across the stream like a tarzan !! Was an amazing experience. Though most of us were a bit scared initially, we enjoyed it thoroughly once we tried it and then kept swinging over and over.

Tarzan slide : This is something that I had never heard or seen. We had to climb on top of a tree (there were stairs to climb), hold on to a slide and go sliding down into the stream ! This was even better than the tarzan swing ! For our safety, they have tied a net till 3/4th of the sliding distance. This is definetely worth a try. I bet you would be a bit scared when you try this for the 1st time. To add some more freight, our guide sends his dog barging towards you when you splash into the water.

Rope bridge : Rope walk is something that many of us would have tried in several places. Only difference is that here the bridge is across a stream. Not all that exciting. But yet worth a try.

Rope walk : This is something that may look easy but you get to know how tough it is once you try it. There are 2 ropes tied one above the other seperated with a distance good enough for a person to stand on one and hold the other with his hands. The ropes are tied across 2 sides of the stream. You have to go walking on the rope and if you loose balance, off you fall into the stream !! I lost count of how many times I fell into the stream !! :P

Tube rafting : This was the highlight of the trip. We were given air filled tubes. All we had to do is sit on it and go floating in the stream. Its an adventurous version of the lazy water ride thats there in most water amusement parks. The best part is that the water current was high and there were several rocks on the path. It was fun to go floating in a wild stream.

Beech volleyball : Though this is known as beech volleyball, there is no actual beech :D .. They have created a mini mud water pool with the size  of a volleyball court. We played volleyball in knee level mud water. For a day we kept aside all our hygeine, jumped, dived in mud water and played like kids. It was fun to relive our childhood days. When I see the surf excel add (small kid playing in the mud water), i remember the beech volleyball experience that I had in Rotikallu.

With this the activities for day 1 came to an end. We had dinner at our dining room which looked liked a cave. The ambience of the dining room was too good. We sat around the bon-fire and sang old hindi songs. Was a fun filled memorable day.

On day 2 we had only 1 activity pending and that was trekking.

Trekking : Trekking had become a routine for all our trips. It was getting repetitive but this one stands out among all other treks that we had done earlier. Though the distance covered was less, the scenic beauty was amazing. One thing that you have to be prepared for when you visit Rotikallu - Leeches !! There were leeches all along our trekking path. None of us were spared. We had carried a bottle of detol diluted water which we kept spraying on our legs when leeches attacked. By the end of our trek, all of got accustomed to leech bites and it seemed like mosquito bites for us :D. Our treking destination was a waterfall amidst a jungle. Waterfall was just a normal one but the view and experience while trekking was unique !

After all the adventurous activities, it was now time to pack our bags and return to our monotonous corporate life. We left Rotikallu after lunch and reached Bangalore by night. A trip that I would cherish lifelong !!

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