Friday, September 10, 2010

Ramnagaram Hills and Muthathy !

We had planned to visit Muthathy which is on the banks of river Cauvery. One scary part of Muthathy is that there are unpredictable whirlpools and many have died. But we still chose to go there promising ourselves to stay within our safety limits :)

*in :- Abhith, Vj, SK, Suda, Reshma, Kunal, Andy, Appi, Akshaya, Nischita and Tonymon !

25th April 2008 :  All of them gathered at my place by 7 in the morning. We all decided to put on hats for the trip and luckily i had a bunch of hats at home. After some initial set of photography we left from my place once the entire gang had gathered. Our mode of transport was Nish's car and Abhith's car.

We had to go through Kanakapura road to reach Muthathy and it was superb to rip on this road. Vijay had just got his initial driving lessons and took this as a chance to master his driving skills. So Vj and Abhith were the drivers for the day ! :D Our first pit stop was on Kanakapura road where we stopped to take a pic.

 Our next stop was between Sathnur and Muthathy village. There were lot of farms and trees on the way so we stopped to click some pics. Vj and me got into our monkey business. We climbed trees and gave all possible poses :D. Andy and Nish also joined us. Appi was tempted to climb after andy and nish climbed. We helped her climb and all of jumped down and started walking off. Appi started screaming for help coz the little one didnt know how to get down from the tree :D

Abhith, Reshma, SK, Kunal and Suda were in the other car. They were scared to death by some eve teasers when they stopped at some place to click pics. But thankfully nothing happened and Reshma was safeguarded by the Electrical warriors :D

 We finally reached Muthathy by afternoon and all of us were disappointed that there was nothing remarkable here. Akki was busy clicking some pics and abhith rushed into his swim suit. Rest of us were trying to figure out what next ! We then decided to spend some time in the water. All of us except Appi got into the water. Appi was scared of water which was good for us coz we had someone to click pics when we played in water :D Andy nearly drown in knee level water and many of us rushed to save her :D Thanks to some localite who warned us about the safety boundaries in Muthathy !

After playing in the water for sometime we started our return journey. On our way back we felt that the trip wasnt that entertaining. While going through Ramnagaram VJ and me thought of stopping by some hill and trek. So we all looked out for some good hill to trek and finally found one. So we parked our cars in front of the hills and started trekking !

All of us could comfortably climb till one point beyond which it looked risky. But Vj and me felt we could climb further and we great difficult climbed a bit more than the others. We posed for some pics and were celebrating like we conquered some peak :D But this celebration didnt last long coz we were worried on how to get down. Climbing was fine but getting down looked very scary. We finally slided down shouting and screaming :P

Ramnagaram hills saved the show for us without which the trip would have been incomplete ! On our way back we even lost our way but finally reached home by about 10 in the night.


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