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After the Yelagiri-Hognekkal trip, a new group was born -Trippers Adda. Manchinbele was the next place that Trippers Adda ventured after Yelagiri !! - 18th Aug 2012
*ing :- Vijay Claud, Nishchitha Singh, Bharath Reddy, Megha Mistry, Bhavya Krishnan, Sony Thomas, Johnson James, Richa Kriti, Priti Srinivas, Swetha Naidu and Tony Mathai 

Though Manchinbele is just about 50-60 kms from Bangalore, we decided to go by TT which would be an ice breaking session since many of them didnt know each other. Our boarding point was Mathikere and we started our journey by about 9 am. As always, we played dumb charads during our TT journey and reached Great Banyan tree by about 11am. Our guide was there to receive us and we went a little ahead to reach the start of trek.

Trekking : The trek was a very short one. It was more like a walk through a village and some empty fields. After a 15 mins walk, we reached our destination. The organizers greeted us and we started off with Paintball.

Paintball : We were divided into groups of 2. Vj, Nish, Swetha, Priti, Richa and me in Team A. Johnson, Bharath, Megha, Bhavya and Sony in Team B.The 1st was the Eliminator game (Once all the team members from a team gets shot, they are eliminated and the other team wins) in which Team A won. Nish fought till the last minute and made our team proud :D .... The next was Flag (The team that picks a flag from the centre of the ground and takes it to their base station wins) in which Team B won. Priti, Richa and myself were injured..must say Johnson is a sharp shooter !! 

Team Building activities : There were a couple of team building activities which included Kangaroo relay (the baton would be held between both the legs and each team member had to pass the baton to the next member without using the hands) and Hoopla pass (team had to form a circle and pass on a Hoopla ring from one person to another without leaving hands). Team A won both the events !! 

This was followed by Lunch. We had a lunch buffet and the food was decent.

Water sports : Once we were done with lunch, it was time for kayaking, swimming and canoeing. For few this was their 1st time with life jackets in deep water!! We played in the water for a couple of hours and tried the kayak and canoe turn by turn. By evening it looked like it was going to pour heavily and we rushed to our dining area. 

Tea and snacks in heavy rain was mind blowing !! Once the Rain God calmed down, we started our return trek towards our TT and we headed back to Bangalore. The return journey was fun cos we danced and even made non dancers dance in the TT :D Must say that this was one of the best 1 day treks.

For those of you who are interested in these activities, please contact xtremezone getawatz.

- Tony mon

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