Sunday, May 26, 2013

Go Goa (Revisited)

Gavi had sent a bench mark and hence the expectations for the next trip was set high since there was a break of about 4 months !! After a lot of planning, we were all set for our Goa trip (Feb 1st - 3rd)
*ing :- Vijay Claud, Nishchitha Singh, Swetha Naidu, Ajay S, Sony Thomas, Sandeep Palakkal, Megha Mistry, Bhavya Krishnan, Johnson James, Ranjani Narendra, Lekha Mistry, Shyam Prasad and Tony Mathai

With a lot of hiccups due to the traffic in Blore, all of us made it in time and boarded the bus to Goa on 31st Jan 2013. Bus journey was for 14 hrs and we reached Goa on Feb 1st morning (Friday). Just as we got down from the bus, Jomy was there to greet us and our bikes were waiting for us. We hired avengers and activas and went to our Service apartment (they were equivalent to Luxury Villas) on our bikes. After we freshened up, we went hunting for food. The food in one of the restaurants was average but the rates were too high and disappointing !! 

We then headed towards Calangute beech. After playing in the beech for a while we rested in a beech shack. We kept chatting on the beech side for hours together and even danced in the beech shack !! After dinner we went for some shopping on some street which is very popular in Goa. Few of us did some shopping and sat on the road side admiring the Harley Davidson bikes zooming on the road. Coincidentally the day we went there was the 110 th year celebration of Harley Davidson and there were about 500 Harley Davidsons in Gao at that time !! 

We returned to our Apartment late in the night and spent time chatting and playing games. By early morning we planned to ride to Anjuna Beech. It was a nice experience riding to a beech at 4 am :D !! After sunrise, we rode back to our apartment and had a good sleep !! We then played volleyball in our swimming pool. It was great to see foreigners supporting our game !! By evening we were all set for our Yacht experience. 

Everyone was dressed up well for the Yacht ride and we left to St.Xaviers church since that was the landmark that was given to us. The Yacht looked beautiful and all of stepped into. We were overwhelmed to see the dance floor and DJ night set up for us. We had a good time dancing and singing in the yacht. By late evening the Yacht returned the shore and we planned to visit the satuday market which is one of the most happening places in Goa !! The place was filled with foreigners and stalls over a very vast area. By mid night we returned to our apartment all tired and sleepy.

The next day (Feb 3rd) we woke up and packed our bags. After checking out of the apartment, we went to Chapora fort (Dil Chahtha hai was shot here). This was a time for the trippers to do a photo shoot. Though it was quite hot, all of us were more focussed on photography than the climate :D After several clicks, it was time to wrap up our Goa trip !! On our way back from Chapora fort we stopped by to have lunch. The ambience and food were both good (the best we had in Goa... unfortunately dont rem the name). 

By about 4pm we were back to the bus stop and we started our return journey to Blore. We have had a nice time watching Sunny Deol movies in the bus :D

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