Friday, August 9, 2013


A trip to cherish the heritage value of India !! - 3rd and 4th May 2013

*ing :- Vijay, Nishchitha, Megha, Bhavya, Sony, Diana, Shyam, Harsha, Nethra, Prashanth, Abhith and Tony

Hampi was a place that was familiar to me cos of the History books that we read during school days. From the time I heard that its a popular tourist spot and not just meant for history books, it soon earned a spot in my wishlist ! We planned the trip for 3rd and 4th May. Mode of transport was TT and we planned to start from Nish apartment on friday night. We had 3 new faces for the trip - Diana, Nethra and Prashant !! Also, Abhith joined us after a long time cos he was off to Philippines for a year !!

Due to a severe traffic on friday night, our journey delayed a bit and we left from Nish apartment by midnight.

We reached Hampi on saturday morning and we had booked accommodation in Rocky Homestay alongside Tungabhadra river (near the Virupaksha temple). We had breakfast in our homestay, freshened up and then visited some nearby spots close to Virupaksha temple. We also saw the Kadlekalu Ganesha carving. We had lunch at Mango tree which is a must visit restaurant in Hampi !!

After a heavy lunch, few of them went for a quick nap and the rest attended Nishchitha's hypnosis session. We spent the evening alongside Tungabhadra river and then had a rooftop dinner arranged by the Homestay. Sony introduced Rumonfire which was an instant hit and all of us enjoyed it !!

The next day we hired mopeds (Rs. 100 + fuel charge per day) and headed towards Vittala temple. After reaching Vittala complex, we booked an electric van which took us around the premises till the Great chariot !! On the way we say ruins of stalls where gold used to be sold during the historic times. This supposedly was a market once upon a time !! We reached the Vittala temple and found the Great Chariot for which Hampi is famous. Harsha and Shyam were busy with their cams since they had quite a lot to click and we were busy with our poses :D After an hour long photoshoot, we returned to the entrance and got onto our mopeds.

We reached our homestay by afternoon, had lunch in Mango tree, packed our bags and started our return journey !!

Distance from Blore : 350+  kms
Must visit places : Vittala temple
Best restaurant : Mango tree

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