Tuesday, March 15, 2011

BR Hills

A short unplanned overnight trip with my church gang.
*ing :- Reji, Johnson, Alex, Jins and me.

Like many of our church trips, this was an unplanned trip. Sat morning we decided to goto some place and the unanimous choice was BR Hills coz we had heard excellant reviews of this place (from another church friend Santhosh). Reji had arranged for an Indica and 5 of us could comfortably fit in. Johnson and Reji were the ones who would drive turn by turn and we left to BR Hills late in the night. Of the lot, I was in a very bad state coz I had a slight temperature ...how could I say no to trips :D

I barely remember anything during the travel coz I was sleeping throughout. Early morning when I woke up I realized that we were stuck at some checkpost which would open only after 5. We patiently waited for the sunrise and then crossed the checkpost.

Our immediate concern was a lodge coz we had to freshen up at the earliest. The lodges were all full and we were asked to wait till one of them got empty. We decided to go around the place and enquire about the places that we could visit. But to our disappointment there was nothing for free. BR Hills is a good place provided you are ready to spend about 2k per head. Neither did we have the cash to spend nor the mood. We just roamed around the place, saw some lotus pond, did some photoshoots coz scenic beauty was quite good.

Finally on our way back we felt that the trip was an utter disaster coz we were just travelling in the car and literally did nothing. Just as we drove past mysore, we noticed some water body and decided to spend some time there to add some colour to our black and white trip.

Since I had a slight temperature I couldnt step into the water. Rest of them played like they havent taken bath for ages :D.

We also went on a coracle ride.

This was the saving grace of the trip but still this would remain as the worst ever trip. We called Santhosh and informed him that we found elephant dung instead of elephants :D

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