Sunday, November 7, 2021

Haluvagilu falls


The falls might barely be 5 feet but if you are looking for a unique experience walking against the water flow above the falls amidst some mindblowing scenic surrounding, then you could try Haluvagilu falls. 

Haluvagilu is about 190 kms from Bangalore and ~20 kms from Hassan. Though it isnt worth traveling all the way from Bangalore, you could club this with other spots in case you drop by Hassan (Shettihalli Church is just 14kms from here)

For those of you who have visited Balmuri, this might look similar and familiar. Relatively this is more deep so get into the water below the falls only if you are a good swimmer. 

If you wish to walk on the slopes above the falls, make sure you drop your slippers at the entrance and walk bare foot. Certain parts are quite slippery and the water force makes it all the more difficult to walk.

Martin was delighted to step into the water. Something he missed doing in most of the falls we visited earlier ! 

Found it hard to deny his repeated plea to spend some more time in the water ! 

Last but not the least, if you are a nature lover, you cant stop admiring the scenic view. There was a lake very close by and that looked even more beautiful (not sure if both are the same). 

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