Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Adichunchunagiri Peacock sanctuary

 The peacock sanctuary located close to Chunchunagiri temple (renowned pilgrim center) hosts several peacocks and serves as a good place to trek. You could either climb the steps and reach the hilltop or go hiking on an off road path. We chose the off road path since the steps were too crowded. 

The walk towards the hilltop seemed quite tiring and initially scary too (since we saw a warning on one of the rocks "beware of leopards"). We then saw a priest walk by and he said there are no leopards which gave us some relief. 

We continued walking past the huge rocks on either side hoping to see peacocks but unfortunately we couldn't spot any peacock (probably because we went there at the wrong time) 

We then noticed a temple and an adjacent lake. The lake looked beautiful and it looks like it is being developed for tourist attraction (though not complete).

The actual trek started from the temple which was at the foot of the hill. We had a temple priest to accompany us to the top of the hill. It was a short trek (a little tiring since it was during the afternoon) and we reached another temple which was filled with pilgrims. The crowd scared us (COVID !) and we returned back quite disappointed that we couldnt spot any peacock. But nevertheless, the trek was good. 

On our way back, we noticed a religious pond where devotees were hosting religious ceremonies along all 4 sides of the pond. We spent some time sitting near the pond and then headed back home. 

Note : After reaching home, I read another blog and was surprised to know that there are/were leopards in this place so I'm guessing the warning that we saw was true !... and I remember posing at a spot very similar to the one where leopard was spotted :P 

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